Enable your products and software to communicate with people and things

The power of a single API

UnificationEngine (UE) makes your connected products IoT Messaging-ready

UE connects your devices and software to your users on the most popular communications channels, through a single, unified API.

UE saves you hassle, time and money. It lets you focus on your product, application or backend, instead of constantly changing communications channel APIs.

We give developers a global device and brand marketplace, and we give device makers and brands access to the best global IoT Messaging development talent.

What three things do you need to do to use UnificationEngine?

  1. The ability to use a [RESTful] API
  2. An app, device or software on which you want to send messages, including alerts and push notifications
  3. A UE developer account (get it here)

Access popular channels

 UE includes: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, KakaoTalk, Line, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Viber, WeChat, Weibo, WhatsApp, Xing and more.

Be IoT Messaging-ready

Now your products can communicate with you, your users and each other. We make it faster and easier to bring your new IoT innovations to market.

Make Social IoT simple

Here’s how you post a message on a Facebook page using Javascript.

What are the benefits of using UnificationEngine?

  • Faster time to market and faster time to fix
  • Lower product launch and maintenance costs
  • 100% focus on making your innovation a success!

Use Cases

Create B2C, B2B and B2G IoT Messaging and IoT Social innovations for Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Government Internet of Things (GIoT) solutions.

UnificationEngine makes it easy

UE gives your solutions the ability to simply talk – to any smart connected device (and the device back to your solution) on any communications channel, without a dedicated app.

Smart Homes

Your customers’ washing machines can message them on WhatsApp to tell them the laundry’s done.

Connected Cars

Your customers can tweet their cars to start, pull out of the garage, and turn on the air conditioning or heat.


Kindergarten teachers can receive a text when your customers’ children run out of their geofences at recess.

Smart Cities

The city of Flint, Michigan could have prevented lead poisoning by tweeting daily water quality sensor readings.

Smart Apparel

Your customers’ shoes, t-shirt, or shorts can post their race finish times directly to their Facebook pages.

Smart Security

Your customers’ gun safes can immediately message them on Telegram if they’re moved or opened.

Health and Safety

Your customers’ employees’ safety vests can message them, their crews, and their supervisors to tell them why they’re in danger.

Emergency Comms

With UE, governments can warn of natural and man-made disasters and manage crises with mission-critical emergency broadcasts.


Your customers can send Viber messages from the frozen pizza aisles to pre-heat their ovens, so they’re hot when they get home.

What’s behind UnificationEngine?

10 patent families, and the global UE team

Along with our emergency broadcast communications tool SHOUT, UE powers UIB’s social media governance, compliance and publishing tool Outbox Pro and the unified connectivity analytics dashboard Media Flow.

“UE-powered Oviphone solutions will help save lives — when children go missing, when seniors fall and when animals get sick or hurt.”
Jack Wu, CEO Oviphone
“With UE, Kimera Systems is creating the first true artificial intelligence (AI) solution for messaging to people and to things.”
“Whether you’re a student or a global corporation, UE makes it fast and easy to add communications ability to your app or product.”
“UE will enable citizens and city administrators to send and receive messages from our CitiSense Smart City Hub on the channels they use most.”
Mazlan Abbas, CEO REDtone IOT
“UE allows Buddy users to receive messages on their choice of communications channels, from a text to a message on WhatsApp.”
David MacLaughlan, CEO Buddy

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Enable your products and software to communicate with people and things

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